Is it time for the chop?

Updated: Dec 11, 2019

What is it with women and long hair? Maybe it's just me, but it has always been a constant struggle - to cut or not to to cut my hair!

Is it perhaps because long hair make us feel more youthful?

Are we still trying to impress men - does it makes us feel more attractive to have long hair?

This is a very serious and important hair issue that must be addressed (!) and the only way to work it out is to simply do the the pro's and con's of long versus short;

Pro's of Long Hair;

  • Versatility - so many styles to choose from, straight, curly, up, down , braids, buns, etc. etc...

  • Youthful - for some reason even at 40, we think long hair will make us look 20

  • Hair Flick - yes it is a technique that will attract men like flies (apparently)

  • Feminine - it's a girly thing!

Con's of Long Hair;

  • Hot and heavy - for those of you enough to have thick hair!

  • Time consuming - it takes foreeeevvvveeerrrr to wash and dry

  • Hair Products - ever wonder why hair product companies are rolling in the big bucks?

  • It can age you, believe it or not

  • Whether it's true or not, you're likely to be perceived as being precious!

Now for the short version!

Pro's of Short Hair;

  • Easy to maintain - wash, dry and style in minutes as opposed to hours

  • Funky styles - curl it, slick it, shave it

  • Colour versatility - blonde one week, dark the next!

  • Trending - whether it's a bob or a pixie, short to medium styles never date

  • Perception - people tend to think chicks with short hair are more fun, spontaneous and not so precious!

Con's of Short Hair;

  • Masculine - yep, unless you wear makeup and earrings, you may be at risk of manning up!

  • Say goodbye to upstyles, buns and braids!

  • Regular maintenance required to keep the shape/style

  • If your hair doesn't grow very fast - you'd better commit!

So what's it going to be - Long or Short?

Well, as a very smart and talented Stylist always reminds me - "It's just hair - it does grow back!" but it takes sooooo long (unless you cheat and put extensions in of course!).

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