Fanola Purple Shampoo: Why It Works Better Than Other Toning Shampoos

Fanola Purple Shampoo isn’t just your ordinary purple shampoo and here is the reason as to why it works better than any other toning shampoos on the market. All blondes, whether it’s natural or coloured will know the frustration of having yellow tones in their hair after a few washes or weeks from their last salon visit.

Discolouration is inevitable due to various amounts of circumstances depending on the environment you’re in. Discolouration can be affected by how you style and care for your hair. Therefore the question on everyone’s lips is; how can you battle those brassy tones and keep your hair looking as fresh and bright as it does after a visit to your hairdresser? Fanola Purple Shampoo is the answer to this common query!

Fanola purple shampoo works better than other toning shampoos because of its use of non-toxic purple ingredients that will brighten your hair and remove those brassy yellow-tones that can appear to make your blonde hair dull and lifeless. There are plenty of purple shampoos that claim to be the best on the market but we’ve written a list of reasons to conclude that Fanola Purple Shampoo will work better than other toning shampoos.

Pigmentation is Key

Let’s assume you’re a blonde-haired beauty reading this article… you would know that purple shampoo is supposed to assist in lightening your hair without the bleaching consequences of drying out your hair. If you haven’t used Fanola Purple Shampoo before, you would be used to a consistency that of the shampoo not being very opaque in tone, almost lavender in colour. This is not the case with Fanola No Yellow shampoo because it is very dense and rich in a deep purple colour. Fanola Purple Shampoo is so pigmented that it runs the risk of turning the grout in your shower purple because of how strong the formula is in comparison to other purple shampoos! (We recommend wearing gloves when shampooing your hair just in case.)

Your Hair Won’t Be Stripped Of Moisture

This is our favourite benefit of using the Fanola Purple Vegan shampoo, it won’t strip your hair of its natural moisture in a way that will have your hair feeling brittle and lifeless. All blondes will know the importance of keeping your hair heavily moisturised to protect and prevent your hair from breakage because blonde hair is lightened therefore it’s prone to damages. Fanola No Yellow Vegan shampoo option is sulphate free and contains baobab seed oil as the key ingredient to keep your hair moisturised when in use.

Baobab oil is found in fruits from Africa and are rich in vital fatty acids, provitamin A, D, E and F which will put moisture back into dry and rough damaged hair all whilst promoting healthy hair growth. Having these ingredients will ensure that when you’re using Fanola No Yellow Vegan shampoo your hair will feel soft, light and bouncy after every use and will lessen the amount of times you will need to visit your hairdresser to have them tone, foil or use other toning products to lift and lighten your hair colour.

Pairs Well With Other Hair Products

Almost every other purple shampoo will tend to have your hair feeling dry, causing knots and breakage therefore the use of conditioner is extremely important. Most no yellow shampoos will work best when used with a matching conditioner to further assist in toning out the brass tones because their shampoos aren’t as pigmented however because Fanola purple shampoo is rich in pigmentation and ingredients to lighten and battle brassy tones this means any conditioner can be paired when using this no yellow shampoo.

(Image and Blog from Fanola website)

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