A Hair Match Made in Heaven!

Definition of a Hairdresser – “A Woman’s Best Friend”!

We generally see our Hairdresser more than we see some of our friends, and it’s no wonder that people become quite close with their Hairdresser. It’s a delicate, yet important relationship that requires nurturing and care, by both parties.

You can spend hours upon hours in a salon with your hairdresser so it’s really important to;

1. Actually like each other!

2. Trust each other – your hair is in their hands!

3. Be honest with each other – if you’re an unhappy customer, please tell your hairdresser, feedback is essential!

4. Respect each other

Occasionally, customers will want a new style or to try something different, but aren’t sure if they can be honest with their Hairdresser in which case they sit in silence and decide to let it slide, or even worse, they leave and go to another Salon! Hairdressers can also be guilty of getting complacent and/or just assuming that customers are happy with their current style and often don’t suggest a change, because it is often the case that most people tend to stick with familiar styles. That’s why honesty is the best policy when it comes to your hair – don’t be shy, good Hairdressers want to know the truth!

If you love it – tell your Hairdresser!

If you don’t really love it – also tell your Hairdresser!

At the end of the day, Hairdressers just want their clients to be happy and enjoy not only getting their hair done but also the great conversation and overall experience. Whether it’s just a regular trim, a colour touch up or a complete style makeover – the Hairdresser/Client relationship should be a Hair Match Made in Heaven!

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